Three to Free

Integrated Campaign (Case Study)

This project was developed for submission to the 2017 Young One’s Competition for The One Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering creative excellence in advertising. The primary objective of this project was to energize a collaborative international response to human trafficking through the proposition of a solution which would have a lasting impact in disrupting human trafficking networks. The secondary objective was to raise awareness of and promote the solution of an international rescue number powered by 5 of the world’s largest telecom companies strategically targeting the top ten countries where most trafficking originates.

Sonnet Insurance

Integrated Campaign (Case Study)

Sonnet believes that optimism is the greatest asset we have both as individuals and as Canadians. Across polls developed by the likes of CNN, Forbes and National Geographic, Canada is consistently ranked in the top ten happiest countries in the world. In order to show how Sonnet is committed to preserving optimism, we developed a campaign that shows how worrying less and living more is the key to creating happiness Canada is known for.

Contributors: Fidel Frias, Sean Feol-Baugh, Joseph Yoo, Juliana Geh and Carol Hwang

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